Friday, February 05, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

World Be Free! – “World Be Free” (The new punk project featuring hardcore legends, Scott Vogel of Terror, Joe Garlipp of Envy, Andrew Kline of Strife, Arthur Smilios of Gorilla Biscuits and  Sammy Siegler of Judge and CIV.  Their impressive debut album, The Anti-Circle is out now via Revelation Records and boasts a melodic brand of old school hardcore much more poppy and positive than their previous efforts yet just as furious and energetic.  Also, Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand makes a guest appearance.  The band plans to tour in support of the album.)

Dr. Dog – “Bring My Baby Back” (Fifteen years into being a band, Philly’s Dr. Dog have revisited songs from very early in their career that never made it onto a proper recording for their ninth album,  The Psychedelic Swamp, out now via Anti-.  The new album is the perfect culmination of their ramshackle yet highly-melodic psych-pop/Americana sound with nostalgic nods to their lo-fi past and loads of the close-knit harmonies and catchy sing-along melodies we have come to expect from the band.)  

The Crookes – “The Lucky Ones” (The Sheffield-based quartet’s fourth album, Lucky Ones -  recently released by Modern Outsider Records -  is a swirling, guitar-led dream-pop and surf-rock hybrid accented by colorful 80’s-inspired synths with sweeping pop melodies and vivid lyrical imagery for their best and most confident album yet.)

Monday, February 01, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Organized Crimes – “Bel Ray Flats” (In advance of their long-awaited debut full-length due later this summer, Organized Crimes, the K.C.-based band led by frontman Cortland Gibson is releasing their third EP, Bel Ray Flats this week via High Dive Records on pretty pink vinyl.  The two songs on the 7” are their most focused and polished to date with a crisp blend of moody melodies, crystalline guitars, 80’s-inspired synths, and driving rhythms that only heighten the anticipation for their debut album.)
Stream the shimmering title track here:

Black Tusk – “Born Of Strife” (The Georgia-based swamp metal trio are set to release their fifth album, Pillars Of Ash this week via Relapse Records.  The new music is their last with bassist/vocalist Jonathan Athon who tragically passed away in late 2014 and their hybrid hardcore punk and stoner metal sound has never sounded more ferocious and thunderous, as a fitting tribute to their founding former member.)    

Savages – “Adore” (Adore Life, the highly-anticipated sophomore album from the modern post-punk quartet was recently released via Matador Records.  As a perfect introduction to the album, the quasi-title track here swells with burgeoning intensity driven by a propulsive bass line and smoldering guitars as frontwoman Jehnny Beth delivers her lines like the world depends on it.)

Friday, January 22, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

The Besnard Lakes – “The Plain Moon” (The Canadian collective led by Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas just released their fifth album, A Coliseum Complex Museum on Jagjaguwar.  Gigantic choral harmonies that recall 70’s California folk and thick layers of shoegaze-inspired guitars combine for an epic classic rock-indebted sound that is augmented with brighter, catchier pop-leaning melodies this time around for yet another stunning addition to their fifteen year long career.)    

Shearwater – “Only Child” (Check out the standout single, “Only Child” with its gentle, shimmering cyclical guitars that complement frontman Meiburg’s distinct vocals; taken from their ninth album, Jet Plane And Oxbow out now via Sub Pop.  The experimental new album sees the band adding in new elements such as neon-lit synths and electronic beats to their lushly layered folk-rock sound.)    

Pillar Point – “Strange Brush” (The synth-heavy dance-pop solo project of Scott Reitherman – formerly of Throw Me The Statue – is set to release his sophomore album, Marble Mouth via Polyvinyl.  Recorded and mixed by engineer Drew Vandenberg (Toro Y Moi, Deerhunter) in the home studio of Kevin Barnes (of Montreal) the new album is a collection of some the most infectiously catchy and deliriously danceable 80’s-inspired synth-pop songs ever put to tape.)  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CONTEST: Coheed And Cambria – The Color Before The Sun

Late last year, the prog-leaning rock mainstays Coheed And Cambria released their excellent eighth album, The Color Before The Sun via 300 Entertainment.  Later this week, they will embark on a lengthy world tour in support of the new album alongside a reunited Glassjaw, I The Mighty and Silver Snakes. 
Lyrically, the new album is the first to feature personal themes of love and loss not related to frontman Claudio Snachez’s epic Armory Wars storyline and musically it is a little more straight-forward with catchy elements of emo-laced power-punk for a nice change of pace.

In celebration of the new album and in anticipation of the tour, Atlas and the Anchor is giving away a CD copy of The Color Before The Sun.  Just email with your favorite Coheed And Cambria album and one winner will be chosen at random on Tuseday, January 26.  Thank you! 

Stream the epic, soaring love song “Here’s To Mars” here:
Also, stream Claudio’s acoustic cover of Adele’s “Hello” here:

For tour dates and more info:

Friday, January 15, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Wray – “Pined”/”Jennifer” (The progressive Birmingham, AL based shoegaze trio are set to release their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Hypatia today via Communicating Vessels.  This time around, singer/bassist David Brown’s haunting vocals play a more prominent role, rising above the caterwauling wall of sound to inject more melody into their 80’s post-punk and garage-rock indebted sound.  The album also includes their unique take on Faust’s Krautrock classic, “Jennifer”.)     
Stream the standout single “Pined” with its stuttering yet propulsive rhythm and shimmering, soaring vocal melodies here:

Bloodiest – “Mesmerize” (The experimental Chicago six-piece - featuring current and former members of Russian Circles, Corrections House, and Yakuza – released their adventurous self-titled sophomore album today on Relapse Records.  Produced by Sanford Parker and guitarist Tony Lazzara, the band deftly contrasts cinematic film score and post-rock atmospherics with thunderous riffs and noise-addled psych-metal sludge to create an impressive genre-defiant sound.)