Friday, May 18, 2018

Stream It From The Mountain: Lady Legs - Holy Heatwave

After forming in 2012 and releasing a couple of promising singles, the Birmingham, AL based garage-rock band Lady Legs are finally set to release, Holy Heatwave, their highly-anticipated debut album tomorrow on Communicating Vessels. 
Vocalist/guitarist John Sims, guitarist Grant Galtney, bassist Seth Brown and drummer Ellis Bernstein recorded the album live to tape in the Communicating Vessels studio with producer and label head, Jeffrey Cain (formerly of Remy Zero).  With a loose 90’s slacker vibe, they sound like Pavement playing surf-rock and yet, despite the carefree, breezy melodies and jangly guitars; the lyrics reveal personal and politically-charged themes.    
The standout opening track and lead single, “Real Thing” is an energetic and bright slice of 60’s-inspired surf-pop, as Sims tries to make a real connection in a technological world.  Other standouts include, “French Beach Music” which features an effervescent guitar jangle and pedal steel that ebbs and flows like the tide, and the title track, “Holy Heatwave” with its cascading guitars and psych-pop melodies.       
Holy Heatwave is available now digitally, on CD and limited edition red vinyl in a gatefold package from Communicating Vessels here:
Stream Holy Heatwave here:

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Ryley Walker – “Telluride Speed” (Led by the jazz-inflected single, “Telluride Speed”, complete with flute and prog-rock inspired twists and turns; the Chicago guitar virtuoso is set to release his new album, Deafman Glance.  Out today on Dead Oceans, the loose and more-straight-forward album was co-produced by Walker and former Wilco member LeRoy Bach and sees the addition of some post-rock atmospherics and a little more Chicago-inspired electricity to his normally acoustic-based folk-rock sound this time around.)

Buck Meek – “Maybe” (Out today on Austin’s Keeled Scales comes the self-titled debut album from Buck Meek.  After a couple of great EPs, the guitarist - also co-founder of Big Thief – steals the spotlight with his long-awaited solo album that slightly relinquishes his nervy guitar-playing style for a more laid-back folk and classic country approach and surprises with his descriptive narratives.)      

Mason Jennings – “Race You to The Light” (The Minneapolis folk-pop troubadour recently battled some tough personal demons including, anxiety, sobriety and divorce and came out on the other side with his new album, Songs From When We Met.  Out now, the self-released new album showcases a battled-tested and healed Jennings as he sings about life and newfound love with a hard-earned clarity and renewed spirituality.  The album was recorded in a barn studio in Wisconsin with members of The Pines.)

Eureka California – “Mexican Coke” (Now a decade in, the Athens, Ga garage-punk duo of guitarist/vocalist Jake Ward and drummer Marie A. Uhler recently released their new album, Roadrunners, their fourth in six years.  Released via Happy Happy Birthday To Me, the album is a bit more politically-charged and socially conscious, naturally, and was recorded again in the UK with MJ of Hookworms.  It features 14 more instances of their deceptively hooky, early Superchunk-inspired fuzz-punk anthems, including the pop-punk bounce of the standout single heard here.)     

Monday, May 14, 2018

Stream It From The Mountain: Wolftooth – Wolftooth

The Richmond, Indiana metal band Wolftooth is relatively new to the scene but the members have played together in different bands for the last two decades.  Vocalist/guitarist Chris Sullivan played in old school death metal band Darknes and along with bassist Terry McDaniel in Drench.  Rounding out the band is guitarist Jeff Cole and drummer Johnny Harrod.  Together they create a dense, riff-heavy hybrid that combines the best of 70’s hard rock and 80’s thrash and heavy metal along with catchy grunge-era melodies.
Their self-titled debut album was originally self-released by the band via their Bandcamp page, where it quickly climbed up the charts and was picked up by Pittsburgh’s Blackseed Records, who released it on CD in March and then by Copenhagen’s Cursed Tongue Records, who recently reissued it on vinyl in April. 
Standout tracks include, “Sword Of My Father” which is built upon a rollicking power metal riff and “Frost Lord”, highlighted by a galloping riff and rhythm; and both tracks and most of the album features fantasy-themed lyrics, soaring melodic guitar solos and anthemic sing-along melodies.      
Stream Wolftooth here:

Friday, May 11, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Carriers – “Daily Battle” (The Cincy-based psych-rock band led by Curt Kiser - ex-Pomegranates, Enlou - is set to debut their first physical release, a two-song cassette single, out today on Old Flame Records.  Assisted in the studio by Isaac Karns of the Poms, percussionist Bryan Devendorf of The National and bassist/producer/engineer John Curley of Afghan Whigs; Kiser has crafted an intriguing sound, mixing hypnotic heartland rock and ethereal dream-pop in the vein of The War On Drugs.  Stay tuned for more from this emerging band!)   

Beach House – “Dive” (The dream-pop duo will release their aptly-titled seventh album, 7, today via Sub Pop.  Victoria and Alex have been a band for 13 years and like a fine wine, just keep getting better with age.  This latest set of songs was created with the idea that everything may not be able to be recreated live and features some heavy, societal lyrical themes; the result is their most dense, dynamic and lushly layered effort to date.  Check out the shape-shifting standout single here.)     

La Luz – “The Creature” (The L.A. quartet is set to release their long-awaited third album, Floating Features, today on Hardly Art.  With a bump up in fidelity, Shana Cleveland, Marian Li Pino, Alice Sandahl and Lena Simon create a blissful blend of harmony-rich and surf-influenced psych-pop that is at once instantly memorable and mesmerizing.  Check out the lazy jangle of the keyboard-heavy single here.)     

Marmalakes – “Bright Robes” (After releasing four well-received EPs since forming in 2010; the Austin-based duo of Chase Weinacht and Josh Halpern will release their highly-anticipated debut album, Please Don’t Stop, on Austin Town Hall Records.  Both musicians also spend time in other bands of note including, Shearwater, Loma, Still Corners and The Hermits and bring that wealth of experience to their own project; creating together an infectiously catchy brand of guitar-led folk-pop accented by soaring indie-rock and woozy dream-pop melodies.)       

The Word Alive – “Red Chords” (The Phoenix post-hardcore trio return today with their fifth album, Violent Noise, released on Fearless Records.  The appropriately-titled new album is the perfect showcase for their balanced blend of soaring, synth-driven melodies and post-hardcore aggression.  Lyrically, they match the intensity with a balance of light and dark, and the positive and negative aspects of life for an inspiring outlook.  Check out the moody and propulsive album opener here.)   

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Miles Davis & John Coltrane – The Final Tour, Bootleg Series Vol. 6

In 1960 jazz legends Miles Davis and John Coltrane played their last shows together and now, Columbia/Legacy Recordings has compiled the previously unreleased live recordings of their last tour together in a recently released collection called, Miles Davis & John Coltrane – The Final Tour, which is the sixth volume in the vaunted Bootleg Series, highlighting the unreleased works of Miles Davis.  The newly remastered 4-CD box set features five legendary concerts, recorded in Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen during March of 1960 along with extensive liner notes by renowned music journalist Ashley Kahn.   
All five players - Miles Davis along with an ensemble featuring saxophonist John Coltrane, pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers and percussionist Jimmy Cobb - are at their absolute peak and the chemistry between them is undeniable and unparalleled on these recordings.  It makes sense because just a year earlier, the same ensemble helped shape Davis’s landmark album Kind Of Blue and the standout tracks “All Blues” and “So What” featured prominently on the set lists during the tour.  The rest of the set list is highlighted by some of Miles Davis’s greatest hits including, “Bye Bye Blackbird”, “Walkin”, “All Of You”, “On Green Dolphin Street”, “Oleo” and “Round Midnight”.       
Davis of course, delights with his inimitable and iconic virtuosity but the spotlight here is on the intricate interplay between him and Coltrane.  The individuality and improvisation asserted as the two of them trade off solos, is a thing to behold as the tour progresses; despite or even in spite of the growing schism between the two featured performers.  It has been noted that Coltrane was hesitant to make the lengthy overseas trip as he was ready to start out on his own as a featured performer, and his solos during this tour stole the spotlight with a burgeoning ferocity that proved worthy of his hesitation.  The rhythm section though, were locked-in tightly, as Cobb brought a steady yet sensational swing and Chambers propelled the ensemble with his constantly moving bass lines; and pianist Kelly kept things grounded while occasionally changing directions with his twinkling runs.      
The historic recordings of Davis and Coltrane’s final tour together are finally available, sound absolutely amazing, and prove well worth the wait!    
In addition to the full 4-CD set and digital release, select shows from the box set have been pressed onto vinyl. The Final Tour: Copenhagen, March 24, 1960 is also available as a single vinyl album and a special 2-LP vinyl edition of The Final Tour: Paris, March 21, 1960 will be reissued exclusively through Vinyl Me, Please as part of their new VMP Classics subscription.
Stream smoothly subdued “So What”, taken from the second Stockholm concert here:

Monday, May 07, 2018

Stream It From The Mountain – Joesph – Joesph At Last

When Cincy-based psych-pop favorites, Pomegranates broke up a couple of years ago, Joey Cook proved to be quite prolific, breaking out with several different projects of his own including, the solo synth-driven dance-pop of Danny & His Fantasy and his psych-rock trio, Joesph.  Last week the trio – also featuring Pierce Geary and Devyn Glista - issued their first live album titled, Joesph At Last.  Recorded “live all over the world” and released via Cook’s own Eyebrow Palace Records, the 16-track album plays like a greatest hits compilation of their four-plus releases and is available digitally or on limited edition cassette, which also comes with a zine featuring 24 full-color pages with rare photos and exclusive notes, Joey’s quirky sketches and other oddities from the road printed by Kith and Kin Press and Very Very Small Press.    
Highlighted by noticeable changes and improvisations in the arrangements, the new road-tested versions showcase just how the songs - that originated as Cook’s solo bedroom recordings - have bloomed with the valuable input from Geary and Glista.    
Stream Joesph At Last here:

Friday, May 04, 2018

CONTEST: Win a vinyl copy of The Burning Peppermints’ new album from Blockhead Records!

Earlier today Atlas and the Anchor premiered the single “Blockhead” taken from Glittervomit, the new album from Birmingham, AL psych-punk trio The Burning Peppermints.  The album will be released May 11 on High Dive Records but you can win a copy in advance from Richmond, Indiana record store Blockhead Records.
Visit Blockhead Records at 408 N 8th St in Richmond, Indiana and enter to win a vinyl copy of Glittervomit by The Burning Peppermints via their in-store contest! 
For more info about Blockhead Records:
Stream “Blockhead” here:

SONG PREMIERE: The Burning Peppermints – “Blockhead”

Deranged psych-punk trio The Burning Peppermints will release their sophomore album, Glittervomit on May 11 via High Dive Records.  You can listen to their exhilarating new single, “Blockhead” here first with our exclusive premiere!    
Hailing from Birmingham, AL, guitarist/vocalist Jake Wittig, bassist Ahmad Farzad and drummer Ryan Colebeck create a high-energy brand of garage-punk that is as equally noisy and unhinged as it is emotionally-charged and melodic.  The 26-minute 8-song album’s centerpiece is “Blockhead”, the longest track by far at 5 minutes; with a quiet/loud dynamic and fuzzed-out guitars, the band’s love for The Kink’s and early grunge rock are in full effect.         
Frontman Jake Wittig says of the track, “The song is about chasing somebody, somebody who told you they weren't worth chasing, and telling yourself it's worth it anyway.  The title actually came first- on the guitar, the riff felt a little..."square" to me...blockish, so I nicknamed it "Blockhead" when I recorded the riff in my phone and it stuck.  For the whole record I really wanted to try to get a sort of T. Rex/Mark Bowland-esque chorus sound on my voice. I'm most happy with how that turned out on this track.”
Pre-order Glittervomit on limited edition colored vinyl, cassette and CD here:  
Stream “Blockhead” here:

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Leon Bridges – “Beyond” (Out today on Columbia Records is Good Thing, the neo-soul revivalist’s hotly-anticipated sophomore album.  Where his stunning 2016 debut album, Coming Home focused on an almost strictly retro-minded soul and classic rhythm & blues sound; Bridges new album is more all-encompassing and experimental, as it folds in touches of 70’s singer-songwriter faire as well as more modern and 90’s-inspired R&B elements including electronic beats.  His effortlessly smooth voice and stellar songwriting remains the spotlight.) 

Belly – “Shiny One” (The 90’s alt-rock favorites led by Tanya Donelly – along with guitarist/co-producer Tom Gorman, drummer Chris Gorman and bassist Gail Greenwood - recently reunited and are set to release their first new album in over 23 years.  Out today and made possible in part by a successful fan-funded campaign; the fresh yet nostalgic new album, DOVE, is just as bright and shimmering yet darkly melancholic as you might remember for a most welcomed return!)  

Damien Jurado – “Allocate” (After recently completing his “Maraqopa” trilogy of albums, the Seattle singer-songwriter is set to release his new album, The Horizon Just Laughed, today on Secretly Canadian.  This time around, Jurado produced the album himself for the first time in his 20 year career and writes more personally.  Check out the elegant string-leaden 60’s-inspired instrumentation of the ballad-esque single heard here.)     

Cut Worms – “Don’t Want To Say Good-Bye” (NY-based multi-instrumentalist Max Clarke records and performs as Cut Worms and his debut album, Hollow Ground is out today on Jagjaguwar.  Recorded with Foxygen’s   Jonathan Rado, the excellent album broadens his bedroom-pop with an evocative sound inspired by the melody and harmony-rich golden age of early rock and roll from the late 50’s and 60’s and of course, the Beatles.  With the addition of twangy, tear-streaked country & western ballads, the resulting album is a futuristic take on the music of the past and a very promising debut.)     

Iceage – “Pain Killer” (After a brief hiatus full of solo endeavors, Copenhagen’s Iceage returns today with their highly-anticipated fourth album, Boundless, via Matador Records.  The pop-leaning lead single heard here, adds punchy horns and guest vocals from Sky Ferreira into their noisy yet melodic and poetic brand of post-punk.  The album also boasts a more positive and joyous outlook than the stark melancholy that permeated their previous work.)     

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Poison – Open Up And Say…Ahh! 30th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

On this day 30 years ago, Poison, the premier pop-metal band of the 80’s released their breakout sophomore album, Open Up And Say…Ahh!  In celebration, the band in conjunction with Capitol/Ume, recently released a remastered reissue of the album on 180g red vinyl along with the controversial original album artwork that was banned in stores and in my home as a nine-year-old music fan (I had the censored version)!         
The 10-song album - highlighted by the #1 single and ubiquitous ultimate power ballad, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” - went 5x platinum and also featured the penultimate party anthem, “Nothin’ But A Good Time”, “Fallen Angel” and their amped-up cover of Logins And Messina’s “Mama Don’t Dance”. 
Additionally, Bret Michaels, C.C. DeVille, Rikki Rockett and Bobby Dall will also be celebrating as they tour all summer with special guests, Cheap Trick and Pop Evil.  For tour dates:
Order Open Up And Say…Ahh! on vinyl here:
Watch the video for “Nothin’ But A Good Time” here: