Friday, October 09, 2020

Stream It From The Mountain: Samuel Atkinson – Weather On The Brain

The last time we heard from Eaton, Ohio singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Samuel Atkinson was in 2008 when his band Only Makebelieve released their excellent debut album, Message From A Mockingbird.  After a decade-plus wait, Atkinson has just released his debut solo album, Weather On The Brain. The album was recorded and carefully crafted over the last five years by Atkinson in his home studio, produced by Atkinson and Eddy Groen and mastered by Steve Turnidge at UltraViolet Studios in Seattle.       

The standout single, “King Of Nothing” opens the album with a trio of sounds including, e-bow, Theremin and sweeping, spacey synths; urging you to strap on your headphones for a whole album journey through Sam’s penchant for power-pop, love for Rush-inspired prog-rock and 80’s synth-pop, for an eclectic yet cohesive listening experience.  Other standouts including, the Carpenters-esque 70’s balladry of “My Angel” and the laid back jazz lounge vibes of the title track, along with the jangly, 12-string guitar-led “Up Down Right” and the aptly-titled experimental electronica of “Weird Dance” show Atkinson branching out from his signature sound into new sonic territories.  The thirteen-track album closes out with the climatic closer, “All Questions Will Be Answered” with its lushly-layered guitars and soaring synth and vocal melodies. Atkinson has once again crafted pure pop perfection, this time with his solo studio project.   

Stream Weather On The Brain here:


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