Friday, October 16, 2020

Stream It From The Mountain – Koney – Koney

Koney is the new moniker of K.C. musician Konnor Ervin (also of Shy Boys) for his solo project, formerly known as The ACBs.  His self-titled debut album as Koney was recently released digitally and on vinyl via High Dive Records.  

Set to minimalistic soft-pop arrangements featuring, warbly synths and 70’s lounge charm, Ervin’s hushed voice and catchy, swooning melodies will wind their way around your grey matter instantly.  The album opens with the slinky R&B rhythm and choppy vocal cadence of “Combos”.  Another standout, “Grey Times” is built upon a bright, bouncy keyboard melody that sounds like its being beamed in from a UB40 record.  Elsewhere, the upbeat “Actin Dumb” features a rubbery bassline and tipsy synths.  The album closes out with the stutter-stepping rhythm of “Slow Death”.

Much like the wonderful weirdness of Shy Boys, Konnor creates captivating music that defies boundaries on his stellar debut album as Koney.

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