Friday, August 14, 2020

Stream It From The Mountain: The Slackers – “Nobody’s Listening” + “Sleep Outside”

Long-running NYC-based ska/reggae institution The Slackers recently released a new two-song 12” single via Pirates Press Records.  For 30 years, vocalist/keyboardist Vic Ruggiero, saxophonist David Hillyard and crew have created an infectiously danceable blend of jazz, reggae, rock and ska and these two new tracks live up to the standard they’ve set.  Lead track “Nobody’s Listening” is a 50’s rock and reggae hybrid with a start-stop rhythm.  “Sleep Outside” blends nostalgia and a timely political message alongside a bouncy beat and catchy melody.  Both songs were recorded live at Ernesto’s in the Netherlands.     
Pirates Press Records continues their innovative streak, offering The Slackers’ “Nobody’s Listening” and “Sleep Outside” on 12” vinyl with the songs on one side and a fantastic UV digitally-printed design of the album art on the B-side.      
Stream “Nobody’s Listening” / “Sleep Outside” here:

Watch a quarantine performance of “Nobody’s Listening” here:


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