Friday, August 07, 2020

Stream It From The Mountain: Bob Nanna – Celebration States

Bob Nanna of Braid, Hey Mecedes, Lifted Bells, etc. recently released his first proper solo album under his own name.  Celebrations States – out now on New Granada Records – is an acoustic album recorded on what would have been his wedding anniversary.  Lyrically, Nanna documents every range of emotion including the messy lows and hopeful highs of his post-divorce life with unflinchingly honest detail laced with glimmers of humor and hope.
Standouts include the one-two gut punch of the melancholic album opener, “Do You Want To Buy A Guitar?” and the self-depreciating single, “Mr. Albatross”.  Likewise “Instant Chemistry” is a late album surge of self-discovery and newfound love that gives the cathartic album a sense of closure.   
Though painfully raw and honest, Celebration States is relatable and worth celebrating as one of Bob Nanna’s best accomplishments in his storied musical career.   
Stream Celebration States here:


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