Monday, August 24, 2020

PREMIERE: Sock-Tight – “Got Dapples, Yay” | Record Store Day 2020 – ORG Music

The original date in April for Record Store Day 2020 was cancelled in due to COVID-19 - which seems like a lifetime ago - but Record Store Day is set to soldier on and will spread the wealth over three separate dates to allow for social distancing; it will now be held on this Saturday, August 29; September 26 and October 24.
Once again ORG Music is offering up 9 tasty platters of vinyl including releases from Mia Doi Todd, Marion Brown and Jimmy Sweeney, among others.  Listed below are my top 3 choices from the ORG Music offerings for Record Store Day this year, including an exclusive premiere of the track, “Got Dapples, Yay”” from punk rock legend Mike Watt’s new collaborative project, Sock-Tight.   
Sock-Tight – “Got Dapples, Yay” (Sock-Tight is the experimental project of longtime friends, collaborators and punk rock royalty; bassist Mike Watt and visual artist/vocalist Raymond Pettibon.  Their debut album, Smudge, will be released for Record Store Day #1 on August 29.  Watt lays down a bed of his signature bass spiels, allowing Pettibon’s humorous avant-leaning musings to bloom alongside funky beats and jazzy saxophone skronks from guests including, Steve McKay of the Stooges and Vince Meghrouni.  The gatefold jacket includes four pieces of Pettibon’s artwork and is pressed onto either black or randomly inserted blue vinyl, due out August 29.) 
Stream the neurotic nursery rhyme-like track “Got Dapples, Yay”, featuring call and response vocals from Pettibon and guest Aida Ruilova and saxophone by Steve McKay, here:

Infectious Grooves – (The funk-metal offshoot of Suicidal Tendencies - led by ST’s Mike Muir and bassist Robert Trujillo of Metallica - returns with a new 4-song EP titled, Take You On A Ride, out October 24. Pressed onto transparent orange 12” vinyl and mastered at 45RPM, the EP features a new track, “Take You On A Ride” as well as 3 originally recorded in 1995.)

Würm – (Würm is the punk band formed in 1973 by legendary Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski before he co-founded Black Flag. This RSD exclusive 7” inch – limited to 1,000 copies worldwide - offers their first new recordings in over 40 years, with tracks, “Poison” and “Zero Sum”. The standout A-side opens and ends with a Doors-like psychedelic passage before launching into a satisfying Sabbath-like stoner-punk groove. Available September 26.)


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