Friday, July 31, 2020

REISSUE: that dog. – Totally Crushed Out & Retreat From The Sun

that dog. was one of my absolute favorite bands of the 90’s.  The criminally-underrated yet highly-influential L.A. band fused fuzzy punk rock energy and ridiculously catchy alt-pop hooks with gorgeous three-part harmonies and beautiful string-led arrangements into pure pop perfection. 
 Led by principle songwriter Anna Waronker along with sisters Rachel and Petra Haden and Tony Maxwell, that dog released three albums starting in 1993 with their self-titled debut, their excellent 1995 sophomore album Totally Crushed Out and the gleaming pop-leaning 1997 swan song, Retreat From The Sun.   Just last year, a reunited trio of Anna, Rachel and Tony (sadly, sans Petra) released a new album titled, Old LP, to great acclaim.  
Sadly, their 90’s discography had never been released on vinyl - save for a UK import version of the self-titled album and a self-released picture disc of alternate takes of Retreat From The Sun.  But Third Man Records has come to the rescue, recently releasing vinyl versions of Totally Crushed Out – celebrating its 25th anniversary! - and Retreat From The Sun.  Both albums are pressed onto 180gm black vinyl and are the cure for collectors and for your pang for 90’s nostalgia. 
Here are 3 Songs from  that dog, one each from the two reissued albums and one from their latest album, Old LP.  Enjoy!
“He’s Kissing Christian” (taken from Totally Crushed Out):

“Never Say Never” (taken from Retreat From The Sun):

“Just The Way” (taken from Old LP):


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