Friday, May 15, 2020

REISSUE: Redd Kross – Phaseshifter & Show World

Redd Kross was formed in the late 70’s by brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald.  What started out as a teenage punk band grew into a power-pop powerhouse.  The band released their seventh album titled, Beyond The Door, last year to great acclaim.  This year marks forty years as a band and to celebrate, Third Man Records has just reissued their excellent 90’s albums, Phaseshifter and Show World on vinyl for the very first time in the U.S.
I was first introduced to Redd Kross and their 1993 major label debut, Phaseshifter, during their unforgettable live performance of standout single, “Jimmy’s Fantasy” on MTV’s short-lived Jon Stewart Show.  Their punk-informed power-pop had boatloads of killer melodies and elements of 60’s psych-pop which they honed to pop perfection on the criminally-underrated 1997 album, Show World. 
Pick up the 180g vinyl reissues of Phaseshifter and Show World via Third Man Records here:
Check out 3 Songs from Redd Kross below!
“Jimmy’s Fantasy” (taken from Phaseshifter and starring actor Jason Lee):

“Mess Around” (taken from):
“Lady In The Front Row” (taken from Phaseshifter):


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