Friday, December 06, 2019

3 Songs: On Repeat

Spoken In Tongues – “Bluff”  (This new duo is made up of punk rock vets Billy Power of Blenderhead and Chris Wible of Everdown, whose debut album, The Nail That Sticks Up Will Be Hammered Down, was recently released on cassette via Cleveland’s Steadfast Records.  Together the duo reconciles themes of death, loss and growing older with short and simple blasts of catchy, pop-forward punk rock.  Additionally, this album is the first in a planned trilogy of albums so be on the lookout for more!)

Junkyard – “Pushed You Too Far” (What’s better than new music from an old favorite?  Old new music from an old favorite!  Junkyard were an underrated band from the 80’s hard rock scene who released an excellent new album in 2017 and follow that up with the release of Old Habits Die Hard, out now on Acetate Records.  This new album collects previously-unreleased songs recorded in 1992 meant to become their third album but was lost in the shuffle once grunge rock took over the scene.  It’s a shame because Junkyard led by the raspy howl of vocalist David Roach and Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker created a raw and raucous brand of blues-drenched hard rock played with a punk rock spirit.)

Cold War Kids – “Complainer” (Indie rock favorites Cold War Kids recently returned with their eighth album, New Age Norms 1, via their own label, CWKTWO/AWAL.  The new album is the first in a trilogy of albums and shows the band doubling down on their irresistible pop hooks along with danceable funk grooves as heard here on album highlight, “Complainer” and on the Prince-like standout track, “Waiting For Your Love” that puts vocalist Nathan Willett’s falsetto in the spotlight.)  


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