Friday, July 26, 2019

3 Songs: On Repeat

black midi – “ducter” (The rising London quartet recently released their genre-defiant debut album, Schlagenheim via Rough Trade.  Equally complex and chaotic, they create their own dynamic brand of post-punk that combines math-rock and jazz-inspired rhythms with theatrical vocals and an unending energy.  Their live show is not to be missed and they will be touring across the world for the rest of the year, so be sure to catch them live!)        

Heron – “Sun Release” (The Pennsylvania post-rock quartet recently released their sophomore album, Sun Release, produced by Matt Bayles and mastered by Frank Arkwright of Abbey Road Studios.   Guitarists Ben Blick and Boyd Lewis, bassist Eric Morelli and drummer Nate Blick go wide-screen on the stellar new album; creating visceral post-rock instrumentals with cinematic atmospherics and melodies evocative enough that lyrics would only get in the way.  Check out the slow-building closing title track here.)    

The Flaming Lips – “How Many Times” (Forty years into their career, Wayne Coyle and crew recently released their first concept album titled, King’s Mouth: Music And Songs, out now on Warner Records.  Originally a RSD-only release, the album is narrated by the legendary Mick Jones of The Clash and follows an arc about a baby with a giant head that eventually saves the world.  Unlike most concept albums, this one is not bloated with seemingly half-cocked ideas but is short and sweet, clocking in at 42 minutes for an easy-going listen.  King’s Mouth is a festival-ready yet headphones-worthy world to get lost in.  Check out the electro-acoustic single here.)    


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