Tuesday, May 21, 2019

REISSUE: Orange 9mm – Driver Not Included

It was an incredible time to be a music fan in the 90’s, especially for fans of heavy music.  Major labels were snatching up bands with roots in the hardcore punk scene like Quicksand, Rage Against The Machine and Orange 9mm; and to great success.      
One of my favorites from that era was the criminally-underrated post-hardcore band, Orange 9mm.  Led by vocalist Chaka Malik and guitarist Matt Traynor of 80’s hardcore pioneers Burn, Orange 9mm made their major label bow in 1995 with their killer debut album, Driver Not Included, originally released on EastWest/Elektra Records.   
The album - led by standout tracks, “High Speed Changer” with its propulsive rhythm and anthemic chorus and “Can’t Decide” with its off-kilter groove – deserves to be mentioned alongside the best albums of the 90’s. 
The album has been out nearly 25 years and Music On Vinyl is giving it the attention it deserves; the noted vinyl only label recently issued an exclusive vinyl reissue of Driver Not Included.  Limited to 1,000 numbered copies and pressed fittingly onto stunning "flame-colored" orange and yellow mix 180g vinyl, the package is completed with a lyric insert and a hefty record sleeve.  It looks as good as it sounds!       
Watch the video for “High Speed Changer” here:


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