Friday, May 10, 2019

3 Songs: On Repeat- Heavy Edition

Unwed Sailor – “Heavy Age” (Johnathon Ford - former member of Pedro the Lion and frontman for Roadside Monument - recently returned after eleven years with his instrumental post-rock project, Unwed Sailor.  The aptly-titled new album, Heavy Age, is out now and is filled with viscerally evocative soundscapes that rumble with Ford’s bass-led grooves, creating thunderous rhythms undercut with haunting yet highly-melodic ambiance that captures their live energy for a welcome return.  Stream the epic title track for the perfect introduction or re-introduction to the band.)

Allegaeon – "Extremophiles (B)" (With their stellar new album, Apoptosis, out now on Metal Blade; the Denver-based metal band delivers on the hefty promise of their acclaimed breakout, 2016’s Proponent For Sentience.  The new album sees the band continue to advance their dizzying blend of complex, progressive technical metal and brutal death metal that is laced with anthemic melodies, clean classical-inspired passages and inventive arrangements.  New bassist Brandon Michael makes his mark and so does classical guitarist Christina Sandsengen who guests on a track.)   

Tronos – “Premonition” (The UK-based metal supergroup featuring, vocalist/guitarist Shane Embury of Napalm Death and Brujeria and producer/guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Russ Russell, best known for producing At The Gates and Dimmu Borgir, along with drummer Dirk Verbeuren; recently released their collaborative debut album, Celestial Mechanics on Century Media.  In place of the speedy rhythms and growling intensity of their parent bands is a more groove-oriented sound, highlighted by Mastodon-like post-metal melodies and doomy black metal ambiance.  Guests include bassists Billy Gould of Faith No More, Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and Dan Lilker of Nuclear Assault and S.O.D., along with guest vocalists “Snake” of Voivod and vocalist/violinist  Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff.  Check out the soaring and psychedelic single here featuring, Gould and “Snake”.)


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