Friday, March 29, 2019

3 Songs: On Repeat

Unknown Instructors – “Acquainted With the Night” (Unknown Instructors is the avant-garde art punk project led by legendary bassist Mike Watt along with his Minutemen and Firehose  bandmate, drummer George Hurley and poet Dan McGuire.  Guitarist extraordinaire J Mascis was enlisted for their fourth album, Unwilling To Explain, out today on ORG Music.  The new album blends loose jazz improvisation, noisy punk outbursts and gonzo spoken word; with Watt’s signature bass spiels battling with J’s inimitable guitar squeals over tumbling rhythms as McGuire waxes about the strange ways of the world.  Additionally, Stephen Perkins provides his inimitable percussion to two tracks and jazz-punk guitarist Joe Baiza contributes vocals to a handful of tracks.)      

Hell Night – “Human Shelves” (The St. Louis metal band recently released a compilation album of sorts, titled, Unlimited Destruction, released on vinyl by Planet Score Records.  The 16-track album features five killer new songs with the remaining tracks coming from their digital and CD-only releases from the last two years.  Led by guitarist Andy White with bassist Eric Eyster and drummer Adam Arseneau; the trio recruited vocalist Brian Fair of Overcast and Shadows Fall, who elevates their explosive punk and hardcore-fueled metal sound with his distinct vocal style.  This is music to murder and mosh to.)      

Drekka – “We Who Are Not Lonely” (Drekka is the long-running experimental electronic project of Bloomington, IN musician Mkl Anderson.  Out now on Dais Records is No Tracks In The Snow, a collection of his early works, recorded between 1996 and 2002.  The new collection is the third such offering, completing a trilogy for the label and features Anderson’s brooding, headphones-worthy soundscapes and visceral ruminations on memories.  The album also traces his folk-driven singer-songwriter beginnings, heard here; showcasing just how far Drekka has expanded his sound over the years.)  


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