Friday, January 25, 2019

Stream It From The Mountain: High Praise – Forever Ever After

High Praise is the new instrumental post-rock project from Matt Traxler (Brandtson) and artist/illustrator Kevin Fagan (S.S.&C). Together the Cleveland-based duo creates a self-proclaimed “acid casual daydream pop” sound, incorporating elements of ambient dream-pop and shoegaze.  Their debut EP, Forever Ever After is out today on January 25 via Traxler's Steadfast Records.
Led by the first single, “Avalanched” with its smoldering synths and guitars that warble like the lines on an old VCR tape, High Praise creates the soundtrack to a walk through an abandoned shopping mall in outer space.
The debut EP is available on limited edition cassette and CD-r as well as digitally from the Steadfast Records website of Bandcamp page.  For more info:
Stream Forever Ever After here:


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