Friday, October 26, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat

Saves The Day – “Side By Side” (The New Jersey emo-punk heroes led by Chris Conley return today with their aptly-titled ninth album.  The long-awaited new album titled 9, is out today on Equal Vision Records and is their most ambitious yet, serving as an oral history of the band by the band with nostalgic looks back – both lyrically and musically - at the band’s journey over the last two decades.  Additionally, the album closes out with ”29”,  a 21-minute long suite of seven songs that is the most personal Conley has gotten on a Saves The Day album, tracing numerous events in his life from his birth to the birth of his daughter to more tragic band-related events such as a near fatal van accident.)    

Rilian – “Stardrive” (The Tampa-based band comprised of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Jerad Griffin creates a cosmic, 90’s-inspired brand of alt-rock in the vein of Hum and Failure, with a heavy emphasis on catchy melodies on their promising self-titled debut EP, out now on Kenobi Records.  For the perfect introduction, check out the melodic single, on which Griffin gets personal about depression alongside thick, crunchy distorted guitars and a soaring, sing-along chorus that offers a glimpse of hope.)  

Anakin – “Sun-Kissed” (The San Diego-based fuzz-gaze band led by Brad Chancellor just released another two-track single titled, @-2, as part of their plan to release a series of five singles - each featuring a new original and an influential cover song - over the course of the year, culminating in a physical release.  The A-side to @-2 features a stomping rhythm alongside dense guitars with an irresistible synth melody hovering over top.  The B-side is a more atmospheric cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream-era favorite, “Rocket”.)


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