Friday, October 19, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat

Spirit Award – “Supreme Truth” (Hot on the heels of last year’s promising debut album, the Seattle psych-rock trio are set to release their sophomore album, Muted Crowd.   Out today via Union Zero, the new album was produced by Trevor Spencer (Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes) and much like their debut, projects heavier lyrical themes against a buzzing backdrop of haunting psych-rock blended with post-punk and Krautrock-informed rhythms and textures; though it has a much looser vibe as it was recorded quickly, capturing their live energy.  Check out the brighter melodies and rumbling bass line of the standout single here.)  

Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos – “What A Shame” (The Minneapolis-based reggae revivalists led by Tom McDowall, aka Jr. Thomas, are set to release their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Rockstone, today via Colemine Records.  McDowell and crew use the songs on the new album to promote a positive message of love and healing, as they blend 60’s soul-inspired strings and vocals into their rootsy, organ-drenched brand of reggae, for a sophomore-slump busting breakthrough.)

Justin Courtney Pierre – “In The Drink” (In The Drink, the debut solo album from the Motion City Sountrack frontman was recently released on Epitaph Records.  The album – produced by Motion City Soundtrack guitarist Joshua Cain - showcases Justin Courtney Pierre’s singer-songwriter side alongside his catchy, power-pop and punk rock roots.  In true solo fashion, JCP played every instrument on the album except for the drums which were handled by David Jarnstrom of Gratitude and BNLX.  Check out the propulsive, fuzzed-out title track here.) 


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