Wednesday, October 31, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Relapse Records Catchup)

Since Halloween is today, here is an extended edition of my 3 Songs: On Repeat feature consisting of some of Relapse Records best new recent releases.  Have a HEAVY Halloween!

Windhand – “Grey Garden” (The Richmond, VA-based band’s fourth album, Eternal Return was released on Relapse Records earlier this month.  The album - once again produced by the legendary Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden) - continues to improve upon their triumphant blend of psych-rock and fuzzed-out alt. rock, highlighted by frontwoman Dorthia Cottrell’s powerful yet poppy vocals which are set to stomping stoner rock rhythms and enormous sludge-encrusted riffs.)

Obscura – “Diluvium” (The German progressive death metal virtuosos released their excellent new album, Diluvium, via Relapse Records back in July.  The album - which completes a story arc that stretched over four albums - continues to showcase their genre-defiant brand of technical metal which is augmented by jazz-informed polyrhythms and liquid fretless bass lines along with cosmic Cynic-like vocal effects and the occasional thrash riff and black metal passage.  Since 2002, rare few have done it better than Obscura!)

Pig Destroyer – “The Torture Fields” (After a six year wait, the Virginia extreme metal purveyors returned recently with their sixth album, Head Cage, via Relapse Records.  For their first album since adding a bassist in John Jarvis, the band, led by the dystopic lyrical view of JR Hayes, creates a caustic sound found at the intersection of noise-addled industrial-assisted grindcore and crusty propulsive punk.  Guest vocals provided by Agoraphobic Nosebleed's Richard Johnson and Kat Katz and Dylan Walker of Full Of Hell.)    

Outer Heaven – “Bloodspire” (The Pennsylvania death metal quintet made their Relapse Records debut with their highly-anticipated debut album, Realms Of Eternal Decay, a couple of weeks ago.   By splitting the difference between the growling grindcore of Cannibal Corpse and the old school-inspired brand of death metal of their label mates, Gatecreeper; their sound is laced with vividly primal lyrics and music that matches in intensity, for a very promising debut.)


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