Monday, July 02, 2018

PREMIERE: The 1984 Draft - "Red Dress"

Credit: Rachele Alban
Dayton’s The 1984 Draft is set to release their new album, Makes Good Choices, and make their label debut for Poptek Records on August 24. The band - led by vocalist/guitarist and longtime fixture of the Dayton music scene, Joe Anderl - filters 90's punk and emo through heartland rock like, The Replacements (peep that tribute press photo!), Tom Petty and The Hold Steady for a timeless sound. 
Today Atlas and the Anchor is proud to premiere the latest single from Makes Good Choices.   The track titled, “Red Dress” is as equally catchy and anthemic as it is nostalgia-inducing and heartstrings-tugging.  Anyone who has felt those love-at-first-sight jitters will instantly relate to this song.  
Anderl describes the song this way, “Red Dress is about my wife.  When I wrote this song, we had been dating for a few months and she was my date for one of my best friend’s weddings (fellow Poptek artist Kris N.).  The wedding was at Canal Street Tavern here in Dayton, OH.  I remember her showing up in this beautiful Red Dress.  Up to this point, we had only seen each other dressed up for church and maybe a dinner date or two.  This was our first wedding date so I was absolutely floored when I saw her dressed “wedding fancy”.  I knew I was falling head over heels at that point.  I still get butterflies just thinking about that moment.  I’m glad she ended up saying yes to me.”
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