Friday, July 13, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Major Murphy – “Strangers” (The Michigan-based trio - Jacob Bullard, Jacki Warren and Brian Voortman - recently released their stunning album, No. 1 via Winspear.  The album showcases their jangly and incredibly catchy blend of Beatles-esque psych-pop and 70’s classic rock.  Now they have released a new single, a cover of The Kink’s “Strangers” via their Bandcamp page as a “pay what you want” download.  All profits from the track will be donated to the Fianza Fund, an organization that supports migrants being detained at the southern U.S. border.)  

Jenn Champion – “Coming For You” (The chameleonic Seattle musician drops the guitars and the “S” moniker to make her foray in to 80’s synth-pop complete with her new album, Single Rider, out today on Hardly Art.  As Jenn Champion, she champions neon-lit synths and danceable electronic rhythms, perfectly introduced on the Samantha Fox-like single, “O.M.G. (I’m All Over It)” and on the dark yet sparkling standout track heard here.)

Luluc – “Heist” (The Brooklyn psych-folk duo of multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Steve Hassett and songwriter/vocalist Zoe Randell are set to release their long-awaited third album, Sculptor, today on Sub Pop.  The new album was co-produced with The National’s Aaron Dessner and features guest contributions from Dessner as well as J. Mascis, Dave Nelson, Matt Eccles of Weyes Blood and Jim White of the Dirty Three; though the spotlight remains on the duo’s dreamy atmospheric melodies, poignant lyrics and close-knit harmonies.)

The Ophelias – “General Electric” (The Cincinnati art-pop band consisting of, bassist Grace Weir, guitarist/lyricist Spencer Peppet, percussionist Micaela Adams, and violinist/pianist Andrea Gutmann Fuentes, are set to release their sophomore album, Almost, today on Joyful Noise Recordings.  Produced by Why?’s Yoni Wolf, the new album is filled with sparkling folk-pop with atmospheric baroque instrumentation and bittersweet ear-worming melodies that recall 90’s faves that dog.)    


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