Friday, June 29, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Jim James – “Just A Fool” (The My Morning Jacket frontman returns with his third solo album, Uniform Distortion, out today on ATO Records.  After recent forays into psych-soul, James returns to form with a more straight-forward guitar-driven sound.  The lead single, heard here, is the perfect introduction to the album with its blown-out bass-led groove and squealy, 70’s style guitar leads and the same can be said for the other aptly-titled single, “Throwback”.  Lyrically he ponders upon the effects of our culture’s over-reliance on modern technology and politically-charged themes and the resulting album is his best solo effort yet.)    

Other Americans – “Couples Skate” (Other Americans is a new K.C. based electro-rock project featuring members of Radar State, Brandon Phillips and The Condition, Latenight Callers and The Architects.  Led by the soulful vocals of Julie Berndsen, the quartet’s stunning six-song self-titled debut EP is out today and promises a great, genre-defying future for the band.  The aptly-titled track heard here, is the perfect nostalgia-laced soundtrack to a race around an 80’s roller rink with a funky, driving rhythm and glittering pop melodies.)

A Delicate Motor – “Durham” (Cincinnati’s A Delicate Motor - led by the classically-trained pianist/percussionist Adam Petersen - recently signed with Sofaburn Records for the release of their new album, Fellover My Own, out today.  Petersen began the project solo using loops, but has since branched out into a trio including drummer Ben Sloan and guitarist/bassist Stephen Patota and has also recently added vocalist Libby Landis, vocalist/guitarist Brianna Kelly and vocalist/pianist Rachel Mousie to the ranks.  The experimental sound created on the album incorporates gentle folk, meditative ambient textures and elements of jazz and psychedelic prog-rock that should appeal to fans of The National’s more adventurous side.)

Night Verses – "Phoenix IV: Levitation" (After losing their vocalist, the remaining three members of the L.A. based band soldiered on as an instrumental trio and are set to release From The Gallery Of Sleep, their fourth album, today on Equal Vision Records.  Despite the subtraction of vocals and the addition of spoken word samples, Night Verses dig into their other senses to create an evocative and heavy sound that blends jazz-informed instrumentation and post-rock atmospherics with aggressive hardcore and technical metallic elements for something new yet instantly familiar for fans of the band.  Check out the monolithic riffs and warped guitar freak-outs of the dynamic standout single heard here.)   

A Flock Of Seagulls – “Space Age Love Song” (The progressive 80’s synth-pop band - most famous for their crazy hair and hit, “I Ran (So Far Away)” – recently reunited with the original lineup of Mike Score, Ali Score, Frank Maudsley and Paul Reynolds and recorded a new album of re-recorded hits featuring the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  Now-a-days, their hair may be gone but their music lives on with the new album which is the first recorded output featuring all four original members since 1984.  The album titled, Ascension, is out today on August Day Recordings and turns their catchy, synth-driven prog-pop songs into epic, cinematic wonders.  Listen to the new version of “Space Age Love Song”, originally from their self-titled debut.)   


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