Friday, February 23, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

S. Carey – “More I See” (This standout single highlighted by a surprisingly booming Bonham-like drum beat and a positive lyrical outlook is taken from the singer-songwriter’s third album, Hundred Acres, out today on Jagjaguwar.  Though the album is both more experimental and more minimalist - with the inclusion of some bolder beats - S. Carey still uses his soothing yet striking voice to drive his gentle yet moving folk soundscapes.  Vocalist Gordi and Rob Moose of yMusic also contribute to the beauty with their backing vocals and stunning string arrangements, respectively.)   

We Were Sharks – “Hotel Beds” (The six-piece Canadian pop-punk band are set to release Lost Touch, their long-awaited sophomore album and label debut for Victory Records, today.  Highlighted by relatable lyrics that are set to exuberantly energetic sing-along melodies, crunchy guitar riffs and super-tight rhythms; their infectious sound will give you nostalgic feels for the early 90’s heyday of pop-punk but has a modern touch that is all their own.)

High Up – “Two Weeks” (On the heels of last year’s promising debut EP, comes their debut album, You Are Here, out today on team Love Records.  The band features Todd Fink of The Faint, Matt Focht of Head Of Femur and Josh Soto and is led by the soul-soaked and powerful vocals of Christine Fink and the songwriting of her sister Orenda Fink of Azure Ray; High Up creates a punk-inspired take on classic soul music.  The energetic and danceable single heard here – with its bright bursts of brass and rolling, funk-fueled rhythm - is the perfect introduction to their sound.)       

Marie/Lepanto – “Inverness” (Prolific singer-songwriter Will Johnson of Centro-matic and South San Gabriel has collaborated with both Jason Molina and David Bazan over the years and for his latest project, Marie/Lepanto, he teams up with fellow Missourian, Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster of Water Liars.  Their stellar debut album Tenkiller was released recently on Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records is the perfect distillation of their two distinct Southern styles with a deft mix of grungy blues-rock and country-leaning Gospel-steeped folk alongside their complimentary vocal styles.)

Legend Of The Seagullmen – “Shipswreck” (This epic and experimental nautical-themed supergroup features drummer Danny Carey of Tool, Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds, Jonah Hex director Jimmy Hayward on guitar, vocalist David Dreyer, bassist Peter Griffin of Dethlok and Zappa Meets Zappa, and Chris DiGiovanni on synths.  Banding together as the Seagullmen, they create warped sea-shanties that blend theatrical prog-metal with raging psych-rock on their long-gestating self-titled debut album out now on Dine Alone Records.)    


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