Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One King Down – Bloodlust Revenge 20th Anniversary

One King Down was an Albany, NY based straight edge band that helped usher in the metallic hardcore sound of the mid-‘90s along with Earth Crisis and Strife.  With their groove-heavy sound and mosh-worthy rhythms alongside vocalist Rob Fusco’s vegan straight edge ideals, their cult classic EP, Bloodlust Revenge was released to great praise in 1997 on Equal Vision Records.  
In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the band and label are reissuing the classic EP on vinyl for the first time in years.  Additionally, it has been remastered from the original recordings and pressed on orange colored vinyl.  Also available is an exact replica of the 1995 Bloodlust Revenge 2-track demo cassette, limited to only 100 copies with hand-made cover as well as newly printed shirts and sweatshirts with old school designs.   
One of my favorite shows of all time was One King Down and Brother’s Keeper in Dayton during the summer of 1997.  I look forward to spinning this vinyl and reliving those 20 year old memories all over again! 
Stream Bloodlust Revenge here: 


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