Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stream It From The Mountain: Early Riser – Currents

Early Riser is the Brooklyn-based folk-pop duo made up of singer-songwriter Kiri Oliver and cellist/vocalist Heidi Vanderlee and their long-awaited debut album, Currents was recently co-released by Anchorless Records and A-F Records.  The duo - along with bassist Zane Van Dusen (Mindtroll, Toys and Tiny Instruments) and drummer Davie Olson (Nevada Nevada, Poison Control Center) - creates an upbeat and unique sound; it is built upon piano and cello and highlighted by their close-knit harmonies, playful sense of humor, infectiously sweet melodies and positive message.  With their reliance on strings and harmonies, Early Riser recalls one of my favorite 90’s bands that dog.   
Standout tracks on the album include, the encouraging and empowering first single, “The Nevers”, the rollicking, bittersweet “Wrecking Ball For A Dead End” and “Oh, Nevermind”, which as a nice surprise, opens with a startling crash of distorted guitar before dissolving into a cello-led folk-drenched dance-along. 

Stream Currents here:


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