Friday, September 08, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Cricketbows – “End Of The Night” (The Dayton-based indie rock band led by Chad Wells is set to release a new EP titled, Communion today on Mosquito Hawk Records.  Produced by Buffalo Killers' Zachary Gabbard, these six new songs – the first released since their excellent 2015 debut album, Diamonds – are a highly-eclectic yet cohesive mix of 60’s and 70’s psych-rock and early 80’s college rock along with elements of blues, country, folk and 90’s alternative rock for an inspired yet unique sound all their own.)     

Chad VanGaalen – “Old Heads” (Out today on Sub Pop is Light Information, the new album from Canadian creative mind Chad VanGaalen.  As always his music is psychedelic and slightly strange and this collection of songs is highlighted by jangly guitars, weird old synths and personal lyrics shrouded in sci-fi imagery.  In addition to his quirky music, VanGaalen is also a highly sought after visual artist, animator, director, and producer.)

Mogwai – “Party In The Dark” (The Scottish post-everything art-rock mainstays recently released their ninth album titled, Every Country’s Sun via Temporary Residence Ltd.  The new album was produced by longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann and features their most anthemic and captivating collection of songs in years.  After over two decades as a band, they continue to experiment and break musical molds with the addition of guitarist Stuart Braithwaite’s rarely utilized vocals on the churning and propulsive standout single heard here.)

The War On Drugs – “Up All Night” (The Philly-based band led by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Adam Granduciel recently released their highly-anticipated fourth album, A Deeper Understanding, via their new label home, Atlantic Records.  Meticulously produced by Granduciel, they have crafted a headphones-worthy world full of full arrangements with a layered lushness that comes complete with 80’s-informed twinkling synths, subtle Krautrock-like drum machines and some lite rock nostalgia.  No offense to the excellent Lost In The Dream, but this seems like the album Granduciel has always strived for.)    

For The Win – “Us Versus Them” (The San Diego based quintet offer up a dynamic amalgamation of catchy pop-punk and heavy metallic hardcore on their stunning sophomore album, Heavy Thoughts, out now on Victory Records.  Though frontman Kyle Christensen has produced and mixed for other artists, Emmy-nominated composer and producer Brian Grider produced the new album which brims with mosh-worthy energy and an empowering and positive message.  Also, their 2014 debut album, More Than You Know, will be re-released by Victory later this year.)         

Liars – “The Grand Delusional” (Now essentially a solo project of Angus Andrew, Liars recently released their eighth album, TFCF  - which stands for Theme From Crying Fountain – on Mute Records.  In order to write and record the new album, Andrew removed himself from the bustling cities of Berlin, L.A. and NY, and moved to a remote part of his native Australia.  The resulting album is as experimental as you might expect from a Liars album; with the sound ever-evolving to include acoustic guitars, found sounds and samples and more personal songwriting that contrasts nicely with the electronic foundation.)       


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