Friday, September 01, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat – (Extended Edition)

LCD Soundsystem – “tonite” (Today, after previously announcing retirement, James Murphy returns with AMERICAN DREAM, his fourth album as LCD Soundsystem and first for Columbia Records in conjunction with his own label, DFA.  The surprising ten-track album features the previously released singles; the subtle protest track, “call the police” and the poignant title track which are great previews for the album as a whole which is more lush and organic-sounding than his previous work yet still as acerbic and danceable as on the buoyant standout single heard here that sounds like Daft Punk, Kraftwerk and Talking Heads blended into one all-night dance party.)

Iron And Wine – “Call It Dreaming” (For his sixth album, Beast Epic, Sam Beam returns to his roots in sound and to his first label home, Sub Pop.  After years of experimentation with electronics and layers of instrumentation, the nostalgia-inducing new album is stripped-down with minimal overdubs and built upon the warm, folk foundation that made Iron & Wine a household name in the first place.  After fifteen years in the game, standouts like the single heard here, continue to prove that Beam is one of the best songwriters of our generation.)           

Grizzly Bear – “Mourning Sound” (After a five year hiatus, the artful indie-rock favorites returned with Painted Ruins, their highly-anticipated fifth album, out now on RCA Records. The new album is more rhythm-driven and continues their experimental streak with the danceable pulsating beat and bass line that drives the standout single heard here.  Droste and crew’s beautiful and bittersweet vocal melodies and complex chamber-pop arrangements remain a highlight.)      

Neck Deep – “Judgement Day” (The Wrexham, UK based pop-punk band is back with their third album, The Peace And The Panic, out now on Hopeless Records.  The new album is more personal and understandably world-weary but just as bright and upbeat as ever as the quartet continues to perfect their blend of heavy, metallic riffs and breakdowns - see “Don’t Wait” ft. Sam Carter of Architects - and touches of 90’s alt-rock and grunge - see “In Bloom” - into their incredibly infectious brand of pop-punk.)      

Kacy & Clayton – “Just Like A Summer Cloud” (The Canadian cousin duo of Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum recently returned with their third album, The Siren’s Song, out now on New West.  Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy produced the duo’s new album which is a stunningly timeless collection of 60’s and 70’s-inspired country-leaning folk-rock highlighted by Kacy’s lilting vocal twang and elements of subtle psychedelia for their best album yet.)     


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