Friday, June 16, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Kevin Morby – “City Music” (Hot on the heels of his acclaimed 2016 album Singing Saw, City Music is Kevin Morby’s fourth solo album and is out today on Dead Oceans.  Where his last album was focused mostly on acoustic 60’s and 70’s folk, the new songs - just like a city - are bristling with energy and lively guitar work and are equally indebted to storytellers like Dylan and Lou Reed as they are to The Ramones.  Check out the simply stunning, nearly seven-minute title track with its liquid guitar lines and shuffling rhythm here.)    

The Drums – “Heart Basel” (Out today is Abysmal Thoughts - the fourth album and first for new label, Anti Records - from the indie-pop project, now solely led by Jonny Pierce.  Musically, he hits the sweet spot between dreamy, psychedelic synth-pop and surf-y, sighing 60’s guitar jangle and lyrically, it his most inwardly-looking and personal; for his best and most immediately-gripping album in years.)   

Dead Heavens – “Adderall Highway” (Dead Heavens is the new psych-rock project led by the increasingly versatile frontman Walter Schreifels - Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools, Quicksand, etc – along with members of Cults, White Zombie and Youth Of Today.  Their impressive debut album Whatever Witch You Are - out today on Dine Alone Records - is a blistering blend of grungy, blues rock and heavy, psych-rock complete with dueling discordant guitar solos and hazy yet catchy vocal melodies.  Check out the appropriately-propulsive standout single here.)   

Pink Frost – “Bare Roots” (The Chicago quartet led by vocalist/guitarist Adam Lukas are set to release their long-awaited new album, New Minds, today via Under Road Records.  The four year wait proves worth it as their gargantuan fuzzed-out psych-rock riffs build up the wall so the catchy, 90’s alt-rock melodies and touches of Smashing Pumpkins-like dream-pop can bust through, for their heaviest and most anthemic set of songs yet.)      

Tombs – “November Wolves” (The New York black metal band led by Mike Hill will release The Grand Annihilation, their fourth album and debut for Metal Blade Records today.  The trio experiments by adding stark and haunting, Nick Cave-like post-punk melodies to their scorched brand of black metal for a world-conquering mixture that is both brutally heavy and highly melodic for their most forward-thinking yet accessible release to date.)    


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