Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stream It From The Mountain: Business Of Dreams – Business Of Dreams

Business Of Dreams is the synth-driven new solo project from Corey Cunningham of Magic Bullets and Terry Malts.  His self-titled debut album was released in February and is the first release on his label Parked In Hell.  After perfecting punk and post-punk with his previous bands, with Business Of Dreams, Cunningham creates moody indie-pop with icy synths and drum machines that recalls the C86 and Factory Records era but he also includes warm, acoustic guitar-led 60’s psych-folk into the mix to great effect.    
Standouts on the 9-song album include the propulsive opener, “Repossessed” and the jangly, shimmer of “Joyride” as well as Cunningham’s take on The Servants’ 1987 classic "She Grew And She Grew". 
Stream Business Of Dreams here:


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