Thursday, May 18, 2017

Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Deluxe Edition

This article takes on a different light with the news of Chris Cornell's passing last night.  Such somber news.  His was the best rock voice of our generation.  Let's all remember his music today.
Filmed in the early 90’s just before the Seattle music scene was to gain worldwide attention, Cameron Crowe’s romantic comedy Singles - starring Matt Damon, Bridget Fonda, Kyra Sedgwick, Bill Pullman and others as Seattle twentysomethings - focused on the music scene and introduced many to bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains just as they were taking over mainstream music with the so-called “grunge” movement. 
The cult classic film was released in 1992 and to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Epic Soundtrax/Legacy Recordings is releasing a remastered and expanded edition of its acclaimed, multi-platinum soundtrack.  The Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Deluxe Edition is out tomorrow and comes in a 2-LP or 2-CD set that is loaded with features such as extensive liner notes from Cameron Crowe, tons of photos and previously unreleased recordings from Chris Cornell, Mudhoney, Paul Westerberg (including an acoustic performance of “Dyslexic Heart”) and Mike McCready.  Also included, for the first time, is “Touch Me I’m Dick”, the song performed by the fictional band Citizen Dick - led by Matt Dillon’s character Cliff Poncier along with members of Pearl Jam.  Additionally, Chris Cornell’s 1992 EP Poncier is included and features an early rendition of “Spoonman” of which Crowe says in his liner notes that the song was “originally a novelty, later an anthem”.  Best of all, the live performances in the film from Alice In Chains – “Would?” and “It Ain’t Like That” and Soundgarden’s scorching single, “Birth Ritual” appear on CD for the first time as well. 
The original soundtrack - which also included music from Smashing Pumpkins, Mother Love Bone and Screaming Trees – and the film itself were an important and lasting document of the emerging Seattle music scene and this new reissued version of the Singles soundtrack completes Cameron Crowe’s vision and is a must have for fans. 
Watch Alice In Chains – “Would?” here:


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