Friday, May 26, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat

Swarming Branch – “Diamonds In The Distance” (With sticky bubblegum-pop melodies blending with glam rock and touches of folk and psychedelia, the Columbus, OH based band has actually backed down from their experimental tendencies for their most straight-forward and infectiously catchy albums yet with their new album, Surreal Number, out today via Sofaburn Records.  The best representation of Swarming Branch’s 70’s-inspired yet synth-heavy new album is the strutting, piano-led standout single heard here.)   

Gideon – “Cursed” (The Alabama-based metallic hardcore band Gideon recently released, Cold, their highly-anticipated and long-awaited fourth album and first for new label, Equal Vision Records.  Recorded again with Will Putney, the new album is both stunningly heavy and their most melodic effort yet; it also features guest vocals from Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose and Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed.  Check out the crushingly catchy standout single featuring Garris here.)

Radar State – “Spinning Wheel” (Radar State is the new collaborative punk rock project/supergroup of sorts from Josh Berwanger of The Anniversary, Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic of Get Up Kids and Adam Phillips of The Gadjits.  Their promising 3-song debut 7” will be released in September and can be pre-ordered now.  Get a taste of their poppy, emotive punk rock with the upbeat, Suptic-sung first single heard here.  It is everything you would hope it would be!)  


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