Friday, March 31, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat

that dog. – “Ms. Wrong” (The L.A-based 90’s alt-poppers - featuring Anna Waronker, Tony Maxwell and sisters Rachel Haden and Petra Haden - recently reunited (sans Petra, sadly) and are finishing up recording their long-awaited follow-up to 1997’s pop-perfect, Retreat From The Sun.  In celebration, they have just released a limited white vinyl 7” via Hello Records titled, Totally Crushed Outtakes.  The never-before-released 4 songs were recorded in 1995 by Tom Grimley at Poop Alley before being re-recorded during the sessions for their sophomore album Totally Crushed Out.  Listen here to the syrup-slow version of “Ms. Wrong”; also included on the 7” is an acoustic version of “Silently” featuring Beck on banjo.)    

Smug Brothers – “Hang Up” (Out today via Gas Daddy Go! Records, the Dayton indie-rock vets are set to unleash Disco Maroon, their new album and tenth release overall.  Recorded by Micah Carli (formerly of Hawthorne Heights), the album opens with noisy, broad-stroked punk-rock drenched in feedback, before revealing new, experiments with folk and country added to their catchy power-pop and GBV-loving brand of indie-rock.  Check out the propulsive psych-pop of the standout single “Hang Up” here.)   

Eureka California – “Wigwam” (The Athens, GA duo, consisting of Jake Ward and Marie A. Uhler, recently released a new 2-song 7” of noisy and upbeat fuzz-pop via Athens-based label, Happy Happy Birthday Records.  Check out the raw and raging beach-punk A-side here.  Also, the digital download included with purchase features a surprise Superchunk cover.)   


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