Monday, August 22, 2016

Stream It From The Mountain: Dolfish – Foreclosure American Dreams

Over the weekend, Cleveland singer-songwriter Max Sollisch a.k.a. Dolfish released his long-awaited sophomore album, Foreclosure American Dreams.   
In between albums, Max got married and moved from Columbus back to his hometown of Cleveland, in the rebuilt lakeside neighborhood of North Collinwood.  His new neighbors and new location were a big inspiration for the lyrics on the album, as they deal with societal issues and showcase the human spirit.  Musically, the album is his most polished yet with fuller, folk and blues-leaning arrangements, as the atmospheric electric piano-led album opening title track, “Foreclosure American Dreams” sets the tone.  Standouts on the album include the self-depreciating “Jack Of No Trades” and the folksy, trans-gender anthem, “A Girl Named Ted”.
Dolfish has solidified himself as one of the best, most heartfelt and socially conscience lyricists since Conor Oberst with his stellar new album, Foreclosure American Dreams.      

Stream Foreclosure American Dreams here:


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