Friday, August 19, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

MYRKUR  Onde Børn” (Nearly one year ago, the Danish black metal artist MYRKUR released her stunning debut album, M via Relapse Records - which showcased her “beauty-meets-brutality” brand of black metal.  Now she has released, Mausoleum, a unique EP recorded in the depths of the historic Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway.  Leaving out the brutality this time around, the new recording features stark, stripped-down piano and acoustic guitar led arrangements of seven tracks from M as well as a new song and a Bathory cover yet remains just as intense.  Alongside the Norwegian Girls’ Choir, Myrkur’s beautiful voice blooms and booms in the cavernous space for a haunting beauty that is unrivaled.)
Stream the live reworking of “Onde Børn” here:

Ages And Ages – “As It Is” (The Portland-based folk-pop collective led by Tim Perry and Rob Oberdorfer returns with their highly-anticipated third album, Something To Ruin, out now on Partisan Records.  The stellar new album, recorded in Isaac Brock’s Ice Cream Party studio - who lends his inimitable voice and guitar sound to a track - showcases a more experimental streak with strange electronics and fuller arrangements yet it still retains their lushly layered and exuberant vocal melodies, displayed on the standout album closer heard here.)

Bayside – “Enemy Lines” (Bayside, the veteran NYC-based punk rock band led by Anthony Raneri returns this week with Vacancy, their seventh album, out now via Hopeless Records.  Lyrically, the new album chronicles the end of Ranieri’s marriage and the sense of loss, vulnerability and confusion that accompanies that, though glimmers of hope remain.  Musically, that hope is found in the bright, pop-leaning and whimsical, showtunes-esque arrangements that bolster the emotionally-driven, punk-fuelled rock that has become their calling card, becoming their most dynamic and anthemic album yet.)


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