Friday, July 22, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Rooftop Vigilantes - “Oracle Cop” (After forming in 2008 and attracting then losing the attention of major labels, the Lawrence-based garage-punk band has finally found a home in High Dive Records for their third album, Let It Be.  Appropriately self-proclaimed as the “punk rock Zombies”, the quartet blows through 14 tracks that combine insanely catchy Beatles-esque melodies with punk-inspired shouted hooks and layers of  psych and surf-rock-inspired guitar and organ riffs for their best album yet.)  

Jill & Micah – “Grew On Me” (The emerging Dayton indie-folk duo are set to release their debut album, Slowly But Surely today via local label Poptek Records.  With their quirky, melancholic yet highly-melodic brand of folk-pop combined with their catchy, closely-knit vocal harmonies, the husband and wife duo’s promising debut has set them up for success.)   

Save The Lost Boys – “Nothing’s Real Outside (Blending the dual vocalist approach and humorous catchy melodies of Blink-182 and the crunchy, heavy guitar riffs of A Day To Remember, the Dayton-based pop-punk quartet are primed and ready to explode with their excellent debut album, Temptress, out now via Victory Records.)    


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