Friday, February 12, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Conrad Keely – “Warm Insurrection” (Keely, frontman of veteran art-rockers…The Trail Of Dead has always had an ambitious and experimental attitude toward music and he pushes that even further with the 24 songs that make up his eclectic debut solo album, Original Machines, recently released via Superball Music.  Despite the lengthy track list and surprising combos – piano-led prog-pop and banjo spliced unto trip-hop-inspired electronic beats – the album is cohesive and engaging, adding new creative twists to the trademark punk-inspired psych-rock sound that he has cultivated for over 20 years.)        

Walter Martin – “Down By The Singing Sea” (Since The Walkmen went on hiatus, multi-instrumentalist Martin has released a children’s music album and just recently released his excellent debut solo album, Arts & Leisure via his own label, Ile Flottante Music.  The nostalgia-inducing album also features Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick and retains the Walkmen’s loose, instrumental charm as well as the playful, quirky nature of his kid-friendly music with witty, storytelling lyrics about art history including a folksy spoken word passage about a museum visit as a child.)       

High Hopes – “Manipulator” (The Reading, UK-based metallic hardcore band recently released Sights And Sounds, their stunning sophomore album and debut for new label Victory Records.  They set themselves apart with highly-relatable positive-minded lyrics, super-tight musicianship and a bright sense of melody that is achieved despite few instances of clean vocals, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the hardcore scene for years to come.)   


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