Friday, July 17, 2015

3 Songs: On Repeat

White Reaper – “I Don’t Think That She Cares” (Today the Louisville garage-punk band has released their highly-anticipated debut album, White Reaper Does It Again, via Polyvinyl Records.  With a punk-informed snarl and a stuck-to-the-ground bubblegum melodicism, their energetic take on rock and roll explodes with fuzz-leaden guitars, bouncy New Wave-like synth lines and furious breakneck rhythms that deliver on the hefty promise of last year’s outstanding debut EP.)   

Failure – “Mulholland Drive” (After nearly 20 years, the legendary 90’s alt-rock trio led by Ken Andrews recently released The Heart is A Monster, the long-awaited yet unexpected follow up to their 1996 masterpiece, Fantastic Planet.  The band reformed in 2014 for a few celebrated reunion dates, which turned into a full-fledged tour with Tool, which turned into a new album and now even more touring.  The stunning new album is a collection of 18 perfectly crafted songs that are drenched in their trademark dense guitar-driven space-rock and Ken’s knack for soaring, ear-worming melodies for a most welcomed return that is worthy of the lengthy wait.)    

Refused – “Elektra” (Yet another surprise came from the monumentally-influential Swedish punk band Refused, who recently released Freedom, their first album since 1998’s iconic The Shape of Punk to Come.  Out now on Epitaph, they return with an incendiary new set of politically-charged punk anthems and though they claim “nothing has changed” on the feral first single with its metallic riffs, stuttering rhythm and throat-shredding screams; the band shows off a new experimental side that introduces elements of Chili Pepper-like funk and bright pop production from Top 40 mainstay Shellback into the mix resulting in an experience both polarizing and satisfying all at once.)
Stream “Elektra” here:


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