Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Jazz June – Entire Discography Reissue Collection

The emo – or whatever you want to call it – revival is in full swing and nostalgia for those poppy punk-fuelled musical diaries of the mid-to-late 90’s and early 2000’s is at its peak.  One of the most influential yet criminally underappreciated bands of that era was Kutztown, Pennsylvania’s The Jazz June.  However, it wasn’t exactly fair to pigeon-hole the band mainly as an “emo” band, as they referenced everything from prog, jazz and pop to post-hardcore and indie rock for a dynamic, genre-defiant sound.  The prolific band went on hiatus in 2003 and reunited shortly after in 2006 for a handful of shows and to release The Scars To Prove It, an odds-and-ends collection via Universal Warning Records in 2007.  It wasn’t until last year that the band led by vocalist/guitarist Andrew Low and featuring drummer Justin Max, guitarist Bryan Gassler and bassist Daniel O’Neill reunited once more and released both a new album, After the Earthquake, via Topshelf Records as well as a split 7” with Dikembe on Tiny Engines to great praise.    
And now after being out of print for nearly fifteen years - starting with their promising debut, They Love Those Who Make the Music released in 1997, The Boom, the Motion, and the Music (1998) and the next three releases originally issued by Initial Records - Breakdance Suburbia EP (1998), their beloved breakout The Medicine (2000) and their experimental final album, 2002’s Better Off Without Air - Universal Warning is set to reissue The Jazz June’s entire discography on CD for a whole new generation of fans.       

Additionally, Universal Warning has added in some exciting bonus material featuring 33 tracks of rare recordings and live performances and a live video from 2006 as a digital download included with every order.

So order these great albums and discover or relive and rediscover one of the great punk bands of the “emo”-era!   


For more info: https://www.facebook.com/thejazzjune


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