Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Stream It From The Mountain: Empty Moon - "The Shark"

Empty Moon is the new solo project of Brendan Hangauer, formerly of Lawrence, KS indie rock band Fourth Of July; his debut album, The Shark is out today via High Dive Records.  The new moniker and album are a result of his move from the Midwest to the Golden State of California and the fuller, sun-streaked arrangements and lush production from Jason Quever of Papercuts sets this project apart from his three albums as Fourth Of July.  Another difference is that lyrically the themes are grander in scope, as Hangauer chose not to focus on personal relationships as the primary theme this time around.  Also, former bandmate Adrianne Verhoeven (The Anniversary, Extra Classic) returns to provide her distinct vocals on a few of the tracks.

The nine-song album is led by the standout single, “75 Degrees” with its plinking piano notes that fall somewhere between doo-wop and honky-tonk and “The Shark”, the album’s title track which hews closest to his previous output with a lovelorn, raise-your-glass-in-the-air sing-along chorus alongside rafters-reaching reverb-rich piano and a forceful acoustic guitar rhythm.  Other standout tracks include the philosophical “Dear Life”, which weaves five different situations into one storyline alongside cyclical acoustic guitars and swaying swells of vintage organ and the strummy guitars, calliope-like melody and droning organ of “Golden Mean” which provides the perfect background for the contrast of Brendan’s deep, rich baritone and Dri’s lighter signature swoon.    

Stream The Shark here:

For more info: http://highdiverecords.com/index.php/empty-moon/


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