Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat – featuring an MP3 PREMIERE from Lac La Belle

Lac La Belle – “The Border” (The Detroit folk duo of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Jennie Knaggs and Nick Schillace released their excellent third album, A Friend Too Long last week.  Led by some fancy Fahey-like fretwork and Knagg’s lilting vocals, their rootsy brand of organic Americana is infused with catchy pop-leaning melodies, stomping percussion and some Appalachian hoots and hollers for good measure.  The album was recorded during the chilling “Polar Vortex” earlier this year with a full band treatment for the first time and the result is a timeless yet modern set of songs and their fullest and most complete album yet.  Check out the flickering guitars and yearning lyrical sentiment of the standout single below.)   


Stars – “Turn It Up” (The Canadian art-rock vets return with their seventh album, No One Is Lost, out now via ATO Records.  The album was recorded above a dance club and the throbbing beats below greatly influenced their danceable, synth-smeared and shiny indie-pop.  Check out the soaring synths, bright horns and playful playground-like chants of the anthemic standout single here.)

Jen Wood – “Run With The Wild Ones” (The Seattle songstress – also known for singing on The Postal Service album – released her new album, Wilderness this week as a joint venture between Radar Light & New Granada Records.  The highly melodic yet experimental album features electronic elements like Gameboy/Chiptune melodies that were composed by Andy Myers of Stenobot and Supercommuter and it was written on piano as opposed to guitar - a first for the songwriter - for her best and most diverse album yet.)        



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