Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shabazz Palaces – “Lese Majesty”

Lese Majesty – released today via Sub Pop - is the excellent sophomore album from the Seattle-based project from Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler, formerly of Digable Planets.  Gone is the cool Jazz-cat influence that became his trademark, as the new album along with his 2011 debut, Black Up, is full of next level experimental electronic-based hip-hop – thanks to producer Tendai Maraire - but his old school flow, poetic lyrics and distinct butter-smooth voice remains.  Butler, aka Palaceer Lazaro is assisted in the studio by guests like THEESatisfaction’s Catherine Harris-White along with Erik Blood and Thadillac.     
The 18-track album is broken up into 7 different suites of spaced-out and psychedelic synth-driven soundscapes with a tracklisting like this:  

Suite 1: “The Phasing Shift”:
1. “Dawn In Luxor”
2. “Forerunner Foray”
3. “They Come In Gold”

Suite 2: “Touch & Agree”:
4. “Solemn Swears”
5. “Harem Aria”
6. “Noetic Noiromantics”

7. “The Ballad of Lt. Major Winnings”

Suite 3: “Palace War Council Meeting”:
8. “Soundview”
9. “Ishmael”
10. “Down 155th In The MCM Snorkel”

Suite 4: “Pleasure Milieu”:
11. “Divine Of Form”
12. “#Cake”

Suite 5: “Federal Bureau Boys”:
13. “Colluding Oligarchs”
14. “Suspicion Of A Shape”

Suite 6: “High Climb To The Gallows”
15. “Mind Glitch Keytar Theme”
16. “Motion Sickness”

Suite 7: “Murkings On The Oxblood Starway”:
17. “New Black Wave”
18. “Sonic Myth Map For The Trip Back”

Stream the bouncy standout single “#CAKE” here: https://soundcloud.com/subpop/shabazz-palaces-cake


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