Friday, July 25, 2014

Free Friday: Red Fang – “ presents an Absolute Music Bunker Session with Red Fang” Acoustic EP

Steam-rolling stoner rockers Red Fang released an acoustic EP this week - titled, presents and Absoulute Music Bunker Session With Red Fang - as a free download via their Bandcamp page.  Recorded in March in London, the EP includes mostly acoustic versions of “Failure” from last year’s Whales And Leeches album along with “Human Herd” and “Malverde” taken from the 2011 album Murder the Mountains, both released on Relapse Records.  The 6-song EP also includes the pummeling album versions alongside the acoustic versions. 
“Failure”, in its acoustic element, is just as brooding and heavy as the original with vocalist Aaron Beam swapping his growling bark for a Nick Cave-like bite on the standout track.        

Download the Red Fang acoustic EP here:    

For more info:


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