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INTERVIEW: Saintseneca | Bunbury Music Festival 2014

The Columbus, OH based indie-folk band, Saintseneca released their excellent sophomore album, Dark Arc earlier this year via their new label, Anti- Records.  Led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Zac Little, the quartet create a clattering and chaotic yet highly melodic style of punk-inspired Appalachian folk with stomping percussion, forceful acoustic instrumentation and enough catchy pop smarts to hold it all together.  They will be bringing their energetic live show to the third annual Bunbury Music Festival held in Cincinnati this coming weekend. 
In anticipation of their Bunbury performance, Zac recently spoke with me about some of their least obvious influences, their favorite song to play live and more. 

In reviews of your music, you have been compared to many great bands new and old.  Who do you say are your biggest or even your less obvious influences?
“The Beatles are my biggest influence. Some less obvious ones are The Clash, The Replacements, Guided By Voices, and The Cure.” – Zac Little 

You are set to play the Bunbury Festival after having recently played the Nelsonville Music Festival.  What do you like best about playing the big outdoor festivals, especially in your home state of Ohio?
“Those big festivals seem to do a great job of bringing a lot of interesting bands in. I'm always excited to see cool stuff brought to Ohio. On top of that, if we're playing, it's fun to see a great band from behind stage.” – ZL   

 A lot of people are excited to see you guys play on Sunday, July 13 but what bands are you most excited to see at Bunbury?
“I'm really looking forward to The Flaming Lips! Kishi Bashi will be rad as well.” – ZL  

My favorite song on your excellent sophomore album is the catchy, sing-along “Blood Bath” with its close-knit harmonies and driving rhythm.  What is your favorite song to play live and why?
“’Blood Bath’ is one of my favorites to play live as well. A lot of times we'll include a noise section in that song, and occasionally stretch it out for a long time. I think people don't expect an abrasive freak out thing from us, so it's fun to do. Hope that doesn't ruin the surprise.” – ZL

What does the future hold for the band?
“Continued rocking in the free world.” – ZL   

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