Tuesday, July 15, 2014

’68 – “In Humor And Sadness”

Josh Scogin, the former frontman for The Chariot and Norma Jean debuted his new project, ’68, whose debut album; In Humor And Sadness was released last week via Good Fight Entertainment.  Assisted by drummer Michael McClellan, Scogin wrote and performed the songs himself which adhere to the raw post-hardcore chaos of The Chariot with startling bursts of noise but forges new melodic territory with elements of howling old-timey blues, classic country and early Nirvana-like grunge.
None of the tracks have actual song titles, instead they are titled, “Track One”, “Track Two” and so on.  In this digital age of i-Pods and the “shuffle” button, I like this concept as it reminds me of popping in a CD in the car stereo, leaving it in there for months playing it front to back only knowing that tracks 2, 4, 5 and 9 are your favorites but everything on the album is killer.    
“Track One” opens the album with a Kurt Cobain-like groan then immediately launches in with rumbling drums, squealing feedback and a bluesy riff for the perfect introduction.  “Track Two” follows with a jangly distorted guitar riff straight out of the 90’s but quickly dissolves with growling vocals and a fractured rhythm.  The two standout tracks from their debut release, the Midnight EP - originally released on 7” vinyl by VelvetPress and reissued by No Sleep Records -  return as “Third Time Is A Charm”, now “Track Three” features a stomping groove, Josh’s distinctive howling vocal style and catchy, sing-along gang vocals from the band Ghost Cat.  “Three Is A Crowd” returns as “Track Eight” a blistering and buzzing ball of cathartic energy.    Another standout on the ten track album is “Track Nine” which offers a change of pace with cyclical blues rock guitars and foreboding single note piano for a haunting, punk-inspired take on Southern Gothic Americana. 
With his highly-anticipated new project, ’68, Josh Scogin delivers something instantly familiar for his fans but something new and exciting all at once with his debut, In Humor And Sadness.        

Stream “Track One” here: https://soundcloud.com/eone-music/68r1

For more info: www.theyare68.com and http://www.goodfightmusic.com/artists/68.php


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