Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

Alvvays – “Adult Diversion” (The Toronto indie-pop quintet - with the easy to Google moniker - led by Molly Rankin released their self-titled debut album this week via Polyvinyl.  Produced by Chad VanGaalen, his quirky sentiment and fuzzy production style complements the band and their blend of reverb-rich 60’s surf-rock, mellow twee and bittersweet power-pop for a promising debut.  Bright blasts of horns and catchy vocal melodies burst through the warped synth fuzz-pop of the standout single here.)   

FREEMAN – “The English And Western Stallion” (The former Ween frontman, Aaron Freeman, returns refreshed – after going clean and disbanding Ween - with his new solo project whose self-titled debut album was released this week via Partisan Records.  On it he blends sleazy blues rock with lush, country-leaning psych-pop and the off-kilter humor we have come to expect, but Freeman also showcases a more personal and vulnerable side of the songwriter.)  

United Nations - “Meanwhile On Mainstreeet” (The mysterious project fronted by ex-Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly and featuring members of Pianos Become The Teeth released their long-awaited sophomore album, The Next Four Years, last week via Temporary Residence.  Rickly and his inimitable voice have never sounded as raw or better and their abrasive throwback hardcore sound and biting, tongue-in-cheek commentary on “scene” politics is a well-needed shot in the arm, equaling out to one of the best albums of the year.)         


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