Wednesday, July 16, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat – Expanded Communicating Vessels Records Edition

Communicating Vessels is the Birmingham, Alabama-based record label owned and operated by Jeffrey Cain, formerly of Remy Zero.  He has released his own musical projects Dead Snares and Isidore but has been signing and spotlighting some of his hometown's best songwriters and musicians.  This week the label released four great and diverse new albums, check them out below. 

Dead Fingers – “Twisted” (The husband and wife duo of Taylor and Kate Hollingsworth released their stellar sophomore album, Big Black Dog this week.  On it they blend shuffling country, dusty blues and folk with close-knit harmonies and quirky lyrics and melodies.  Aside from this band, Taylor has played in Conor Oberst’s Mystic Valley Band and Kate has toured with her sister Maria Taylor.)


Dirty Lungs – “Space, Man” (The Birmingham-based garage-rock staples released their self-titled label debut this week on which they rip through nine face-melting jams with twists that incorporate elements of Zeppelin-like pomp, fuzzed-out surf rock, and elements of 60’s psych-pop and 90’s grunge for an experimental sound that goes beyond the garage door.)    

The Green Seed – “Jude Law” (The Alabama hip-hop group consisting of emcees R-Tist and C.O.M.P.L.E.T. and DJ duo FX and Jeff C,  released their debut album Drapetomania this week.  Forget everything you think you know about rap from the “Dirty South” as they blend old school boom-bap production with smart, positively-minded and complex rhymes.  The standout first single here marries a horn-heavy loop and DJ scratches with sharp-tongued lyrics.)

Wray – “Relative” (Wray create a shimmering shoegaze-inspired brand of atmospheric dream-pop laced with locked-in Krautrock grooves and subtly catchy Cure-like melodies on their self-titled label debut released this week.  The Birmingham-based trio is currently on tour with like-minded label mates Man Or Astroman?.  The single here closes out the seven-song album with a propulsive post-punk beat, psychedelic synths smears and bright melodies.)    

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