Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Phox - "Phox"

The Madison, Wisconsin based six-piece, Phox are set to release their highly-anticipated eponymous debut album today via Partisan Records.  Produced by Brian Joseph (Bon Iver, The Fray) and led by the magnetic vocalist Monica Martin’s soulful swoon, the album is filled to the brim with their lush yet spacious acoustic arrangements and their blend of classic soul music and quirky folk-pop that has them primed to blow up as the next big thing.    
The album is anchored by the undeniable smash hit single, “Slow Motion” with its flickering banjo, twinkling piano, infectious whistling and stirring orchestration for the penultimate introduction to the band.  “1936” follows and showcases Martin’s breathy and beautiful vocals alongside cyclical guitars.  Next, “Evil” is anything but with layers of old timey barbershop-inspired background vocals, bright horns and lilting melodies.  Another standout on the twelve-track album; “Kingfisher” is a nice slice of dream-pop with layers of gorgeous orchestral flourishes and catchy melodies.    
Phox has issued an assured and statement-making debut album with lasting power so jump on the bandwagon now while you still can.

Watch the video for “Slow Motion” here:

For more info: http://phoxband.com/


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