Friday, June 13, 2014

Free Friday: The Mitchells – "The Mitchells" LP

The Mitchells - darlings of the Cincinnati music scene - recently released their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album.  The talented performers and songwriters Joseph William Mitchell, Marc Aiello, Carlos Mitchell, and Nicholas Mavridoglou formed just two years ago and have come to create a warm, inviting and organic brand of indie-folk that is laced with elements of indie rock, jazz, and chamber-pop alongside understated yet memorable melodies. 
Their promising and dynamic debut album is available from the band as a limited edition marbled vinyl, with each piece different and beautiful.  And to celebrate, they are offering up the album as a pay-what-you-want digital download via their Bandcamp page. 
The album opens with the breezy, Phish-like jazz-folk of “Driving In Cars” which also features complementing guest vocals from Caroline Kingsbury, also known as the Nashville-based  singer-songwriter The Red Headed Indian.  “Frau” follows with gently strummed acoustic guitars, flickering banjo and a shuffling beat before close-knit harmonies and swells of vintage organ break though for a standout moment.  The upbeat “Orchard” brings forth brighter melodies and indie rock guitar noodling complete with a melodic solo as a change of pace.  In the same vein, standout track “Denmark” offers up a loping bass line and more nostalgia-inducing winding guitar lines that recall early Modest Mouse.  Closing out the eight-song album is “Christmas Gulch” with its hypnotic cyclical guitars, chiming xylophone and wistful, lilting melodies. 

Download The Mitchells here:         


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