Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

The Wonder Revolution – “Wonder Lensed” (The experimental Kansas-based collective led by guitarist David Lord and featuring Les Easterby of The World Palindrome and Nathan Wilder of The Appleseed Cast released their aptly-titled new album, Wow this week via Air House Records.  Together they blend layers of jazz and proggy post-rock with wide-eyed vocal melodies for a unique sound.  The dreamy atmosphere of the first single here includes lush background vocals, cyclical acoustic guitars and waves of colorful synths for a standout moment.)

Craig Wedren, Jefferson Friedman and ACME – “Tarrying” (The collaboration from Craig Wedren, Jefferson Friedman and ACME called, On In Love was released this week by New Amsterdam Records.  A film composer himself, Wedren’s dynamic and theatrical falsetto floats above the complex and ethereal melodies and arrangements of The American Contemporary Music Ensemble as directed by Friedman.  Turning stereotypes about classical music upside down, together they have created a beautiful collection of songs that defy genre classification with elements of pop, angular post-punk and rock for an immersive listen.)

Cosines – “Commuter Love” (London’s newest indie-pop band recently released their second 7” single via the UK’s Fika Recordings.  Led by the sweet vocals of Alice Hubley, the 5-piece band experiments with a little of everything including krautrock and glam rock.  The results - the synth-driven A-side, “Commuter Love” which combines a propulsive rhythm with catchy New Wave melodies and the infectiously fun B-side, “Disclosed Stores” that finds the band combining twee melodies, jangly guitars, a jaunty rhythm and horns from guest Ben Phelan of the Apples In Stereo - is a sound that keeps you guessing and coming back for more.)   


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