Wednesday, May 21, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

Haley Bonar – “No Sensitive Man” (For her fifth album, Last War out now on Graveface Records, the indie-pop songstress adopts some of the warped synths and energetic post-punk rhythms of her side-project Gramma’s Boyfriend along with touches of folk and hazy dream-pop  for her most captivating and exciting album yet.  The propulsive beat and tremolo-heavy guitar line of the single here adds in some surf-rock swagger that matches her vocal intensity for a standout moment.)

The Capsules – “The Long Goodbye” (Former members of the criminally under-rated 90’s shoegaze band Shallow - married duo Julie and Jason Shields along with Kevin Trevino – combine lush layers of cosmic synths and pulsating rhythms and set them against their swirling wall of guitars on their fifth album, The Long Goodbye, out now via their new label Saint Marie Records.  On the standout title track here, Julie’s beautiful voice and ethereal melodies float above the haze like a morning fog on Mars.)

The Black Keys – “Fever” (Ohio’s favorite garage rock duo have returned with their highly-anticipated new album, Turn Blue, out now via Nonesuch Records.   Again co-produced by “third” member Danger Mouse, the album takes on a 60’s psych-pop personality with spacey synths swirling around their blues-soaked classic rock sound.  The new album is also more personal and moody as Auerbach recently went through a trying divorce though the melodies remain infectiously upbeat and the grooves are still locked in for yet another great album that adds to their legend.)


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