Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

Buffalo Killers – “Dig On In” (The Cincinnati-based psych-rock quartet released their stunning new album, Heavy Reverie this week via Sun Pedal Recordings.  On it they bring loads of the heavy, blues-soaked stoner rock riffs, stomping rhythms and fuzzy nostalgia fans have come to expect but this time around their brotherly harmonies seem to soar higher and their classic rock-loving hooks are even sharper for their best and most engaging album yet.)  

Mimicking Birds – “Owl Hoots” (Led by singer/guitarist Nate Lacy, the band has released their long-awaited sophomore album, Eons this week via Glacial Pace Recordings, the label run by Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse.  The dynamic new single here features a skittering beat, sturdy acoustic guitar strumming and strange atmospheric electronics and is highlighted by Lacy’s chill-inducing vocals and vivid lyrics that prove to be well worth the wait.)    

La Sera – “Running Wild” (Katy Goodman - of the defunct Vivian Girls - released her third album, Hour Of The Dawn this week on Hardly Art.  It is her most immediate, punk-fuelled and guitar-centered album yet but also the brightest and most melodically-minded; sounding like Fleetwood Mac if they had cut their teeth at CBGB, especially on the propulsive and poppy standout single heard here.)    


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