Wednesday, May 07, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat – featuring an exclusive premiere from Kaela Sinclair!

Kaela Sinclair – “The Realist” (The young Denton, TX singer-songwriter with the honey-sweet voice is set to release her sparkling debut album Sun & Mirror next week.  Produced by Midlake drummer McKenzie Smith and featuring contributions from Joey, Evan and Jesse of Midlake, the outstanding new single here and the album both perfectly showcase Sinclair’s engaging and smart lyrics and her effortlessly catchy and lush folk-pop melodies for a very promising debut.)    

Some Pulp – “Oh Oh (Who’s Cryin’ Now)” (Some Pulp, the Minneapolis-based duo of Graham Barton and Dane Hoppe create an instantly memorable brand of psycho-crooning doo-wop and energetic surf-infused garage rock on their excellent self-titled debut album.  Released this week via Forged Artifacts on limited edition yellow chrome cassette, the nine-song effort is also available as a free digital download via the label’s Bandcamp page.  Do not sleep on this!)

Equals - “Conveyor” (The experimental Texas-based instrumental quintet self-released their long-awaited Alex Bhore (This Will Destroy You)-produced debut album, Tracts this week.  They create a cinematic and groove-heavy post-rock sound with vivid melodies, moody atmospheric synths and layers of textures that recalls both Interpol and Explosions In The Sky.)


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